So you think you can play the guitar

A number of Sydney’s finest guitarists were extended a Frieda’s Boss invitation to audition for the lead guitar spot replacing Hoon in the line-up featuring Dman, Train, Mick, Stanwah, Vstylee and new member AB (saxophone) for the final shows of 2012.

At the conclusion of the selection process that would have put American idol to shame in terms of weirdness, inspiration and visa checks the new addition to the FB crew was… Jamie G.

Until recently Jamie was plying his trade in a Calypso band in Queensland, but was drawn south by the lure of the emerald city, a choked transport system, Sydney Swans and… Frieda’s Boss. And why not choose Frieda’s Boss? A band
that, as many have already noticed, boasts more than its fair share of musicians from faraway lands. In this regard, our man who comes to us via Colombian/Lebanese parentage, will fit in perfectly with the FB crew as they all table their musical opinions at rehearsals in their mother tongues creating a cacophony of Tower of Babel-esque proportions.