FB live at Sydney’s iconic reggae club

Since moving from its previous address at 202 Broadway near Sydney’s CBD, Jamrock decided the time had come to embrace live performances beyond dancehall DJ orations.

On Saturday evenings in May, live bands were ushered to the Jamrock stage at the new location (“Hermann’s” on Butling ave, Darlington) from 8pm in order to entice the famously late-arriving crowd to get their skank on prior to the DJs taking them through to a 3am finish.

Frieda’s Boss debuted on June 2 and were enthusiastically received by Jamrock regulars and are booked to return on Saturday 16 June.

Train had this to say upon checking out the new locale:

“Having visited Jamrock at 202 a while back I was pretty excited to finally play
there. As a bass-craving musician, the first thing you notice are the two huge speaker stacks standing on either side of the stage like Snoop Dog’s henchman.
They kind of just look at you hissing between clenched woofers, “we’re gonna hurtcha!”Awesome!”

Much to the amusement of Dman, Train and Hoon, a table tennis table was on display at the far end of the bar causing massive disruptions to the pre-show equipment checks as a battle royale erupted between the Dutch and Korean contingents.

So, if reggae, ska and dub bursting forth from thunderous bass speakers and table tennis prior to a massive dose of all things Jamrock is your thing, get there early on a Saturday evening, free while the bands are playing.