Mick’s in

Known only as “Mick” as in “Stig” from Top Gear, our new drummer has impressed all and sundry with his endless array of grace notes, drop-outs, rolls, flagrant timbale abuse, accents and stealth cymbal attacks during his guest appearances throughout 2011. Unencumbered by the heavy shackles of top 40s coverdom, Mick now flexes his considerable reggae-related musculature in the engine room of Frieda’s Boss full-time. Here’s a clip of the man himself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Wd7CW-XnkE. Note the pre-song antics, the fidgeting, the adjustments but then check out Mick doing what he does best from 2:04 til around 2:34. Mesmerising.

A true reggae, ska, dub aficionado referencing the drumming greats from the Wailers’ Carlton Barrett to Robbie Shakespeare of Sly and Robbie fame et al, Mick has clocked up thousands of hours absorbing the greats on wax, CD and live in concert. Perhaps he didn’t pen this review of the Easy Star All Stars last performance in Sydney at the Factoryhttp://www.friedasbossreggae.com/blog/review_easy_star_all_stars_live_at_the_factory/, but he was there and tacitly approved the text. So there’s that.