Introducing the debut ep "...and you are?" by Frieda's Boss

But wait, I've jumped ahead... let's start at the beginning:

Frieda's Boss begun life as a 3 piece with rhythm section featuring Dman on bass and backing vocals, Maximus on drums and Freight Train on Keyboards and lead vocals.

Dman and 'Train had played in a number reggae and r'n'b outfits during the nineties in sunny Perth, the most isolated capital city on the face of the planet. A town where Train could and did lay claim to being a full time musician and in so doing kept the rigorous regimen that came to be accepted among this rare breed: up at the crack of noon, do stuff, play music, hit the hay, repeat...alot.

Room mate, gainfully employed contributor to society, blues guitarist and Dutchman (but in a good way) Dman answered the call to duty when the bass man in Train's band became unavailable. Tired of trying to revive and inspire an ex-metal bassist who, due to circumstances beyond your control, felt compelled to hock everything including his bass strap on a weekly basis required Train and co to gaffa-tape his bass to his body, the decision was made to... not tell him where the next gig was...ever again! Locked in a room with Bob Marley's Legend album for 3 days with no sustenance or explanation offered to his former employers, Dman emerged, at last, a reggae bass player. Bo!

Fast forward 10 years and Train has since moved cross country to the sub-tropical, eastern metropolis of Sydney with the law of diminishing returns hot on his trail. It looked all over for Train as he clocked up year after year of gainful employment with only and handful of gigs and a musical directorship at pentecostal Church to punctuate the vast and convoluted Dickensian sentence that was the working man's life in gridlock city New South Wales. A reunion of sorts followed as Dman, seeking to avoid extradition on a number of trumped up parking tickets charges, settled in Sydney town, bass in hand. Somehow, they both got hired for gigs in the same band and were introduced to the surly but industrious Sting/Copeland worshiper and rhythmic magician behind the drums, Maximus.

All good things come to an end and so do mediocre things and with that, the soon to be Frieda's Boss pioneers met a certain Steve Shaw who, for wont of a more accurate term, sponsored the trio by providing top end studio space replete with mixing desk, psychadelic lighting and a sea of sofas lapping at the stands of their fold back speakers. Nice.

Covering magic from artists such as Damien Marley, Steel Pulse, UB40, the Wailers and Jacob Miller, Frieda's Boss auditioned a host of musicians from a variety of backgrounds and eventually settled on the current line-up featuring:

Dman: Bass, guitars, backing vocals, piss-taking, representing the Netherlands

Maximus: Drums, cowbell, more cowbell, pushing buttons, representing Australia

Freight Train: Lead vocals, keyboards, songwriting, indecipherable, stirring the pot, representing Jamaica

Cisco: an array of guitars, irreverent vocal outbursts, stylish...maybe, representing Spain

Vstylee: Vocals, pointing, stunning footwear, used to be famous, representing Australia/ Russia

Tamlin T Kirk: Guitar (just the one), vocals, new guy trying to fit in, producer, mixer, representing... um... tbc

Stanwah: Trumpets, frequent flyer miles, snide remarks where appropriate, representing Germany/Australia