Frieda’s Boss , the cruisey-weight champions of live reggae have emerged from the studio with their new release “The Underhill Account” due out in time for Christmas 2013.

Featuring their trademark energetic approach to Jamaican music, Frieda’s Boss has crafted an ep that has all its fingers in all the pies featuring funky reggae, one drops, ska and dub-ub-ub! With influences and inspiration drawn from a
recent pilgrimage to London, lead singer and writer Train returned to Australia
with a suitcase stuffed with fresh rhythms and lyrics espousing raw emotion,
playfulness and dry humour. A revamped rhythm section featuring FB veteran Dman and new drummer Mick Fink has propelled the band from strength to strength allowing the guys to make good on a bold prediction assuring fans of more quality grooves to come made by Jason Randall Smith after reviewing “… And You Are?”

Their debut E.P. is merely a launching pad for a wealth of creative compositions that are sure to come from this talented troupe.”

Based in Mount Vernon, New York, Jason Randall Smith is a contributing writer for Impose Magazine. Jason was also a World Music Community Blogger for the 52nd Annual GRAMMY® Awards.

A collaborative approach has struck gold for FB this time around as Faada Drummie Esquire and Dman shared the writing duties with Train offering yet more texture to the familiar feel of previous releases. Lead guitarist Hoon (Kai) Solo and vocalist Vstylee round out the sound with another monster contribution from Stanwah with an array of brass, turning the “punch”-o-meter up to 9.5 -Wicked.

"This (The Underhill Account) is a big step up from the previous (release), the bass kicks out big time”, commented Dman having just heard a couple of tracks on a variety of systems, “Wow! And you just have a sense that these cuts are accessible enough to sneak on to commercial radio and still pound it out with the best club offerings.”

With mastering all but complete it remains only to lock down launch plans but reviewers in the US and the UK are already seeking details for a pre-release for the purposes of review and marketing.

Please forward further enquiries through to