Another reason to check out my favourite NSW band (other than bands featuring the word “Boss”) is that the Andy Warhol’s of the east coast reggae scene, "Alotta Presha” have twice unfurled another masterpiece during the Reggae Sessions.

“Superman” is a sprawling panorama of dub atmospherics anchored by their formidable rhythm section, anchored by Yani’s (drummer) dreads, anchored by a trance-like intensity (ed. Not possible..idiot) shared by their own perception of what it is and is not. Confused? Cool. It’s a dark path you’re wondering down when you find yourself focusing on say, the bass lines while allowing yourself a
sneaky listen to the keyboard skank and melody. The only light at the end of the tunnel comes if you dare to approach Yani after the set and quiz him on what makes “Superman” so invincible and why you feel like you’ve been eating kryptonite. He’ll breathlessly tell anyone that can still focus on words, sentences
and so on that the trick is/was the rhythm. Disturbingly, it meanders into a 6/8 time signature (a time signature usually reserved for Anglican hymns and sea shanties) at some point but it’s hard to pick as there is so much going on.

“Superman” is every bit as discombobulating as the Captain Ahab version of No “Such Dub/ No Such Thing”
by Frieda’s Boss. When the boys from the ‘Gong get around to releasing this as
a single or part of a weightier release, get comfy, hydrated and prepare for a
journey into sound’s crazy half-brother... in a good way.