Short notes… get it?

FB lead guitarist and more importantly, astute Korean, again defended his “brevity and wisdom” middle weight championship when recently asked what he thought of fellow countryman and worldwide phenomenon Shai’s song “Gangnam Style” replying, “that’s not a song”. Boom. The end!

Newest FB member, AB, boasts a 52” bass saxophone. A truly imposing and rare beast, the bass saxophone is so large that it can only be played sitting down by humans who stand less than 7ft tall. In addition, a range of more conventional horns adorn the homes of our new brass ambassador.

The work of seminal snapper Fiona Riches Stace adorns the cover and middle pages of “The Underhill Account” CD pack. This is but one reason to order your copy rather than settling for a download. Another would be that the CD itself looks just like a vinyl record
complete with grooves… I dare you.

Film actor and director Ben Affleck shares our love of
the 1985 film Fletch in general and the Underhill account gag in particular.,,20342679,00.html.

The pre-game meal organised by Stanwah just prior to taking the stage at the Shore Club for a three hour show was regretted somewhere approaching the second hour. All concerned resolved never again to accept the “rump and ribs” combo challenge 20 minutes before a show. Belch!!!