Reggae Sessions return to the Lansdowne

Yes we all wept hot, angry tears of loss, resentment and misplaced grief when the Alotta Presha posse announced that they were hanging up their amps and mics for good late last year, what with assorted members being drawn into assorted vortexes (or vortices for the fanatics): Africa, jazz, staring blankly at walls, being harassed by Train.  Not so silent protests were daubed across home pages throughout facebook, legions of AP’s loyalists teetered on the precipice of apoplexy (ed. what? We talked about this) because they missed all of this.

However, all is forgiven as the boys from the ‘Gong will once again make their way to Chippendale to add their rhythmic girth to an already weighty line-up at the upcoming Reggae Sessions at the Lansdowne Hotel on Friday 28 June.  The big night also features ska dynamo General Pants and the Privates, the irrepressible sound system outlaws, Iron Gate Sound as well Frieda’s Boss flush with horn section, the return of the Dman (Japan) and their special brand of bass-driven mayhem.

The night also marks the return of the iconic live music venue after recovering from some problems in January this year.