The Café Newton chronicles

Once again, some of the lads from Frieda’s Boss will descend upon the café like hungry musicians on huge platters of beautiful Greek food, wine and coffee with waffle chasers on Saturday, 22 December. Hoon Solo had cemented his pole position in the Korean reggae guitarist grand prix, enchanting customers and passers-by with fretwork ranging from gritty to achingly beautiful and Jamie G
representing Colombia and Lebanon seems set to be the Columbian/middle east
equivalent. This, in stark contrast to Train’s untrained technique on the axe featuring solos that range from barely tolerable to just really annoying hence, he’ll be manning the keyboard, we hope. Dman will round out the trio on
bass and vocals and the music played between sets will be from the majestically
titled album, “King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown” (King Tubbys Meets
Rockers Uptown is a dub album by Augustus Pablo and King Tubby, released in
1976. It features Carlton Barrett on drums, Robbie Shakespeare and Aston
Barrett on bass guitar, and Earl "Chinna" Smith on guitar