We must have featured three or four stories on the Wollongong-based downbeat machines right here in reggae’s best kept secret in terms of literary periodicals… and with good reason. They’re a rich blend of respect for the old ways, an infusion of the best of what the past 20years had to offer reggae’s development and most notably, a source of inspiration and fascination for me, let alone the thousands of people who have flocked to experience the Presha phenomenon.

When I heard that for reasons as many and varied as pilgrimages to the dark continent, a pressing jazz-related engagement and genuine concern for the legacy of this icon, that AP was calling it a day I laughed so hard that lesser man may have found themselves embarrassed at the lack of fortitude shown by their bladder.
Mirth quickly turned to a morose sense of bewilderment. Was it something I said?... or didn’t say? Rather than pursuing the line of self-blame, which isn’t my style (ed really????!!!) I now, several weeks after hearing the news, prefer to remember the good times too numerous to recount here.

Suffice to say, they were awesome. Beg borrow or steal one or all of their CDs
and indulge in a little slice of reggae at its most energetic (live shows), disorienting (see their impressive dub sections), technically perplexing (hello rhythm and horn sections) and real.

We here at Frieda’s Bo! salute you.