New additions to the FB repertoire

The Frieda’s Boss posse is known for offering alternative interpretations of songs new and old, popular and less well known and this season, they open up with a bunch of newbies to the FB repertoire that will surely raise eyebrows, temperatures and hackles like. 

Be sure to check out new slants on hits from UB40, Buju Banton, Toots and the Maytals and Macklemore in the form of “One in Ten”, “Untold Stories”, “Funky Kingston” and “Thrift shop” respectively.  Train tells us that Pacino’s ongoing love affair with many and varied guitar settings notwithstanding, the band as a whole had a tonne of fun adapting the rhythm track to Buju Banton’s “Bobby Reds” and singing a version of “Untold Stories” over the top.

“The guys were getting a little worried that I would attempt “Bobby Reds” but I think I’m about three testes short of where I would need to be to do that one justice” opined the thickset singer from Jamdown. Check this…