Loving Lithgow

One glance through the Psyfari festival website confirms that it is a HUGE event. 


The valley of Bass (ED. clearly you just made that name up) outside Lithgow will play host to a stunning mosaic of musical and experiential acts brought forth to the masses who have already purchased tickets and those that surely must before the pre-sales are closed of mid-August.


Since more than 1800 people are already locked and loaded tickets-wise, you are urged to check it and purchase tickets here  ASAP for the August 23-25 event of a lifetime.


Teams of Noisy Chicken personnel (the Psyfari production crew) have been despatched over the Blue Mountains to prepare the grounds with heavy machinery and the likes while local fauna brace themselves for the first test of a truly other-worldy sound system.


Check out the line-up  so far (and Dman’s Poncho in the publicity shot)