Preproduction work on “The Underhill Account”, the Frieda’s Boss follow-up ep to the 2011 release “…and you are?” is all but complete. Erstwhile lead guitarist and bass impresario Dman leads the charge back to Studio Zapata with Train and rhythm magician Mick Fink in tow.

Tamlin T. Kirk, the restless visionary responsible for transforming chrysalis “No Such Dub” into a tangled web of delays and reverbs during its metamorphosis into the aural butterfly, Captain Ahab version (Brace yourself and listen to it here, will be at the controls. After rhythm
section tracking is complete, Hoon (solo) will descend upon the studios with an
array of guitars and amps followed by a fly-in/ fly-out session from the
itinerant Stanwah armed with flugelhorn, trumpet and valve trombone. Vstylee,
Dman and Train will add the vocals before handing the project back to a
hopped-up-on-caffeine-and-diet-benedictine Tamlin for a circuitous mix-down and mastering adventure.

Two lucky Frieda’s Boss fans will win a half day experience at the tail end of the
process: the final listening sessions in the control room before mastering
followed by a heavy meal with Frieda’s Boss and a group photo to be included in
the ep package as well as an autographed copy of “The Underhill Account”.

All you need do is write, in six thousand words or less, what you could contribute during the final studio session and what you’ll buy the rhythm section when it’s your shout. Send your responses to us via facebook or the 'contact us' section of the website here ( and keep an eye on the Frieda’s Boss blog section for comp details and winners.

This competition is only open to Frieda’s Boss fans living in New South Wales, Perth metropolitan area, Northwest London, Lima and well-heeled benefactors. Bo!