Frieda’s Fun Facts

Ever wonder why Dman is so hopeless at eating “hand food”, or how many guitars Hoon has stashed in his Korean stronghold (more than 14 by the way), or when Frieda’s Boss became Frieda’s Boss and what’s with the name anyway? Well wonder no more, just in case you were wondering. Featured under “Frieda’s Fun Facts” will be some unsettling, unseemly but occasionally funny disclosures about the bands and their fans.

However, if a combination of salacious gossip and thrusting one’s nose into other people’s business, history what-have-you is not your thing, curb your rage and move onto tour rumours in the next section.

For the rest of us, enjoy the first batch of fun facts. Also feel free to hit us up via the “contact us” form or direct at

- Dman laments his Dutch-Indonesian heritage purely on the grounds of difficulties managing his “Asian” hair.

- Stanwah narrowly avoided being arrested leaving Zimbabwe because of a “currency issue” by fleeing authorities on foot.

- Vstylee will not eat “land animals” but will eat prawns by the kilo at every opportunity.

- Hoon cannot understand 80% of what Dman says.

- Train is deathly afraid of country roads (yes, the song as well) and propeller planes and hates bananas.

- Mick has no secrets and lives a normal life…. Watch this space.

- Nobody understands more than 8% of what Dman says.