It seems there’s very little quality musicians won’t do to spend a few hours in the sun playing sweet reggae vibes.  However, Frieda’s Boss discovered that there’s nothing drummer extraordinaire, Yani Socratous of Alotta Presha fame, can’t do.

With regular FB rhythm magician, Mick, unavailable for last Sunday’s show at the Hillside Hotel’s Rattle and Rum Bar, Yani, who mastered “The Underhill Account” at Studio 55, stepped into the breach to ensure the show went on.  With only 3 weeks on the clock, our man from Wollongong (ed, Corimal) learnt every tempo, vibe and drop out in the 31 song list, drove 100km to the show, played beautifully, entrancing punter and bandmates alike with a dizzying array of extended rolls and heavy kick without missing a beat.  And because Frieda’s Boss had been scattered to the four winds over the Christmas and New Year break, there was no opportunity to jam beforehand.   Nice!

Yani, we salute you.