... and so with 2012 drawing to a close, we here at Frieda’s Boss wanted to wish you all a safe and prosperous new year as well as casting a furtive glance over our collective shoulders to recall, in bullet points, this year’s highlights as
well as our hopes and aspirations for 2013.

New arrivals

Pacino: erstwhile bass player for a Queensland-based Caribbean band turned FB lead guitarist. Y’ know, from certain angles, in just the right light you’d swear Scarface had miraculously survived the 57 surgeries it would’ve taken to piece him back together and turned from a life of crime to cultivate a long held interest in reggae…plausible, no?

AB: A rabid collector of saxophones, AB also plays percussion and contributes to the vocal mayhem in songs like “Dreadlocks nuh kill yuh”, Toots and the Maytals’ “Pressure Drop” and Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up”.

Mick: Rhythmically gifted co-captain of the Frieda’s Boss rhythm section, avid concert goer and student of the game (ed. what?) … of reggae.


Hoon: Korean guitar maestro recently returned home having gifted FB some wicked riffs including the awesome opening to “Bastards”, a myriad of facial expressions far too subtle for the human eye to detect and an eerie knack for being write by dint of his habit of writing everything down.

Maximus: Our original, itinerant drummer and Police disciple who was eventually drawn back into a busy schedule of regular gigs with various pop and RnB outfits.

Decorum: It’s often argued that there wasn’t any to begin with. Agree to disagree.


Frieda's Boss by the numbers in 2012

1 commercial release : "The Underhill Account"

3 new members

6 new tracks released on itunes etc

7 members

10 venues

34 Shows / gigs (acoustic trio and band)

69 Countries with registered Frieda’s Boss fans

195 stalkbook (facebook) fans

209 website hits/day average (peaking at 410/day in December)

249 Jango registered radio fans from around the world

2,380 minutes on stage (not counting the 40 mins at the launch waiting for the sound guy)

7,892 Plays on internet radio around the world

13,884 exclusive visits to the www.friedasbossreggae.com

79,000+ website hits


January jams

5 and 19 at Café Newtown

6 at the Rattle and Rum Bar in the Hillside Hotel

31 at the Shore Club

See the gig guide on our website for details.


On the record

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Listen and sook



Big thanks and massive love

... for your faith and encouragement dear families, friends, fans and insiders including Dman’s little ladies Jody and Mia; Jase Ohlson & the Reggae Sessions.

... for your inspiration and support from Tinni Fwerele, Big Paulie, Daddy Vgo, Merilyn Steele, Little T, Zekie bwai and Persia gyal, Drummie S, Terry V, Peoples Sound Record Shop, Alotta Presha massive . Bo!

... for your participation - Dinesh Ekayanake, Tamlin T Kirk, Hyun Kai, Maximus, Yani Socratous

... for your services rendered gratis - Westway Sound London, Fiona Riches Stace (photography), DJ, Drs Brighton, Broe, Mulford, Murray and Rosenrosen

Praise God for music makers and the opportunity to make music




Dman, Stanwah, Mick, Train, Vstylee, A.B., Pacino