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Having already mixed it with some top acts, including Katchafire, King Cannons, Saritah, King Tide, and currently recording an eagerly awaited EP, Alotta Presha are a force not to be ignored.

Ignore all that because that's what the guys themselves have said.  You, dear reader, need to hear the truth from a more objective source: us!

Frieda's Boss has shared the stage with Wollongong-based reggae ambassadors three times in the last month and can honestly say that Alotta Presha is a force of nature.  Armed to the teeth with a dizzying array of horn section arrangements that go way beyond mere riffs, a swirling mass of dreadlocks of various hues and a rhythm section that assaults the senses from every direction at once and exuding an exhuberance that suggests something more than the invigorating power of rum (not Bundaberg which is... something else!) Alotta Presha are the real thing.

Not conformed wholly to the purists' ideal of reggae as roots, one drop or even old school ska, the Alotta posse (careful) playfully dart from sub-genre to sub-genre displaying uncanny synchronicity as a seemingly unexpected series of stops herald a detour down funk boulevard towards Dub street. Clever without saying it out loud. Example: 

 But better examples lurk on their reverbnation site, access it via their facebook page if that's easier, where you'll find great, cross-genre mind-grinders such as "Sound proof " and "Without words".

In short, this eight man army are more than doing their bit to promote reggae in and around NSW, well worth a look next time they are playing near you. Bo!


Ed. Frieda's Boss will once again share the stage with Alotta Presha and Addison Road on Saturday, 21 January at the Lansdowne Hotel for the first in a series of Reggae Sessions in 2012.