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Top 5 home-made breakfast dishes worth the airfare:

5. Sydney, Australia - Chicken in Freight Train’s hot sauce and rice with Coruba rum punch

Features a potent sauce of molasses, chilli, maple syrup and soy sauce etc… The “etc” being a foreboding harbinger of harrowing “lav” sessions to come: this meal begun life as a rich and fiery lunch but when the Coruba rum punch (a sordid ménage a trois featuring a splash of Bacardi 151, Coruba and aerated pineapple juice) was introduced as a mandatory accoutrement it was obvious that a move to the breakfast category was looming large. This is probably not ideal for a weekday breakfast if there are important meetings to attend.


4. London, England - Chicken Patties, jerk chicken and rice ‘n’ peas across the street from Daddy VGO’s People’s Sound Record Shop, All Saint Road W11

It could be argued that this offering should be disqualified on two counts: it’s a commercial establishment and we’re not sure it’s open before 11am. That said, it is patronised almost exclusively by West Indians who appear to wake upat the crack of noon, dress in the brightest colours the earth has ever seen
and head on down for a serve of jerk chicken and mac ‘n’ cheese from this “hole in the wall” kitchen off All Saint Road in London’s west. It does satisfy two very important criteria: it’s delicious and there are few better ways to begin the day once you’ve already left the house. Brilliant!


3. Jerk pork ribs, escovitch fish with scotch bonnet peppers at Aunty Vadz Kitchen in Mt Helena in the hills outside Perth

There’s an oft-heard adage that suggests there is nothing quite like a home-cooked meal, unless prison is your home in which case, with apologies to Aunty Vadz, having successfully made your way over the razor wire and evaded the authorities, why not knock on her front door for a delicious dish of all of the above, reheated to perfection and washed down with a glass of ginger and orange juice before your imminent recapture. Word of caution! If you’re not used to spicy food you may want to slip a roll of toilet paper into the freezer before chowing down on the fish and peppers.


2. Oklahoma, USA and now Nollamara, Western Australia - Big A’s Prison Chilli and pork ribs at the now retired “House of Fun” before all the guys got married and well… that’s another story

ooooooooOOOOOOOOOK-lahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains… So says that classic Rodgers and Hammerstein song from the musical (it maybe the single geekiest and jarring reference throughout all issues of Frieda’s Bo!). Nonetheless, the origin of said gusts may be the formidably potent mix of beans and pork ribs seasoned with allthe subtlety of a navy SEAL team seeking to "apprehend… " someone. For sheer density, this ragout of rice and swine cannot be topped… with anything other than chilli derivatives and perhaps butter. Delicious! Wash it down with a cleansing white rum or milk depending on your workload for the day and feel truly alive until the moment, several hours later, when you realise thatsomething bad has happened.


1. London, Paris, Valencia - Tinni Fiwerle’s Embarrassment of Breakfast Riches

Famed sister of Train and chief feasting coach for the FB frontman, Tinni, routinely greets Antipodean visitors with a perfect storm of carbs, protein and animal fats without regard for anything ever penned from anyone even loosely affiliated with the Heart Foundation. This breakfast has actually earned the Heart Foundation’s “skull and crossbones” which we’ve been led to believe is better than a tick… It
consists of a modern art tribute to Tinni’s love of pork products, waffles and waffle derivatives. The besieged breakfaster will be confronted by sheaves of flapjacks, a pancake and two or three waffles, bathed in maple syrup (not maple syrup-flavoured crappola from the local supermarket) andbutter
encircling an island of bacon in all its wonderful forms (crispy through to medium rare); many eggs both free range and battery (a meeting of the classes all on the one platter), fried and scrambled; sausages (pork) bursting with flavour and fat, as our Maker had intended and; finally a morass of tomato-based
condiments including, but by no means limited to, Worcestershire sauce (Lea and Perrins of course), HP (brown sauce if you’re from London), Tabasco sauce and ketchup or tomato sauce. Superb!


Honourable mention: Spicy Jerked Chicken at Heritage Inn Cricklewood NW London. Not technically breakfast and it is most certainly a restaurant but try this dish microwaved the next morning. It’s Bo(!)-lissimo!