This month, CHO considers the acting ability of American thespians playing angry Jamaican characters in feature films. Again, CHO is the natural habitat and breeding ground of baseless assertions so brace yourself.

The best: Basil Wallace as the villainous, two-headed spectre of terror, Screwface from the Steven Segal classic (Ed. what??) "Marked for Death" . Classic overeaction but watch as Basil, not only locks down some patwa rage but also over reacts and overacts. The poster of this clip on youtube has also added subtitles which are not needed.

Silver medal: Malik Yoba as the legendary hard-head and speed man Yul Brenner. Another angry man, PG stylee.

Bronze medal: Taye Diggs in just an excrutiating movie, "How Stella Got Her Groove Back". There are many clips available but ... well, you know! The point being that exposing Train to even one of those clips was enough to transform him into the angriest Jamaican this side of Michael Holding after watching the last test series vs Australia. Loathesome!

Next time, we're back to airing our ignorance and opinion within the wonderful world of music as CHO continues to rank and criticise the best and worst from 2007 releases.