CHO! (cold hard opinion)

This month we have wrested the CHO controls away from the gluttonous Train (Ed. and if he keeps feasting like that, the glutenous Train) so we can focus on music. Reggae music! As we are just around the corner from the southern summer’s “saccharine” season where local cineplexes are bombarded by rom-coms, we here at CHO! feel it’s time to review the top 5 love songs about “yearning”. Get the Kleenex out (sniff).

5. No No No performed by Dawn Penn
or check the Frieda’s Boss remix from the “…And You Are?” launch last year

4. Always My Mind by Willie Nelson KIDDING!... performed by Da’Ville

3. Please Don’t Make Me Cry performed by UB40 in
Holland (Dman’s stomping grounds)

2. Do It Twice by Bob Marley and the Wailers

1. A Heart Needs a Second Chance performed by Dennis Brown