Another manly performance

Shore Club III: the best of Marley, UB40, Maxi,Jacob, No Doubt…

Yes, it’s true, Frieda’s Boss will make its fair-weather return to the Shore Club in Manly, (just north of Sydney) the jewel in the crown of the northern beaches reggae scene, on Thursday, 11 October around 8.30pm.

Known to be the spot where the beautiful people come to watch and be watched, skank and… never mind… Thursday night is when the lower level is transformed into something akin to Jamaica’s “Asylum” or perhaps Brixton’s “Plan B” or at the very least the “one love” reggae club from back in the day in Fremantle. Simply called “Reggae Night”, it does what it says on the tin: a live band, a THUMPing sound sytem with the latest, greatest and coolest from then til now spinning between live sets and wall to wall dancehall divas, dreadlocked skanksters, rude bwais and gyals from both sides of the fence all letting loose til well after midnight …on a school night!

Agreed, it is a test of one’s resolve to start the party on a Thursday and go hard til almost 2am. However, you’re only cool once so you may as well embrace the horror of a Friday at work with a meagre 3 hours of sleep under your belt and the alluring aroma of Bacardi, Appleton estate, Captain Morgan or Coruba wending its way from your pores to the bewildered nostrils of your more sensible co-workers. And yes, it will be hard to disprove your attendance when inevitably, due to the presence of various photographers and paparazzi including snapper to the stars Fiona Stace and regular flasher (Ed. Uh-oh) DeeJay, any indiscretion will be illuminating the social media nightsky well before you can track your own demise on twitter or facebook.

So come anyway, what could happen?