…that play the guitar and by that we mean Hoon is leaving (ed: wow, is this how it’s going to be?)

We’ve all been there before, right? You’ve assembled a top flight crew of reggae
musicians from vastly different backgrounds who miraculously agree to play
under the moniker of “Frieda’s Boss” but your Spanish guitar savant snags a
scholarship to one of the world’s most renowned music schools and heads to
Boston (ed. take a breath), so you hold auditions only to turn up the Korean
equivalent of the Spanish wizard who cements himself in Australian reggae lore
by making… well… magic except (ed. no seriously a semi-colon or something) a
year later Ms Gillard’s crew shows him the door and suddenly he’s doing some
serious Seoul searching as well as organising flights and accommodation back in
his native land.

FB fans, we’ve lost a great mate, a brilliant musician and someone that not only accepted but embraced Dman’s nonsense. Rules are rules, but it hurts.

Check out Hoon Solo’s seminal work on "The Underhill Account", “Bastards” and “i i i” in particular. Get your very own CD and booklet here http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/friedasboss2 or on itunes.