Frieda’s Boss double up at Café Newtown

Dman and Train have made a habit of turning up at the café on a monthly basis along with one of the FB guitarists (Cisco, Hoon, Tamlin T Kirk) to while away a few hours with street-side reggae versions ranging from cool and laid back to raucous and“shouty”. During the month of September, patrons get double the fun. Having kicked off the month (September 1) entertaining diners and passers-by alike, the Hoon (Solo)-Dman-Train triumvirate will do it all again on September 15. Yup, twice in one month. Happy times!

PS Due to the studio schedule over that same weekend, Stanwah will be blowing his own horn having just flown into town and will therefore join is FB brethren for some subtle, muted flugelhorn infusions. Bo!