This year, we're going serve up an energetic dose of reggae, ska and a touch of dub for the people and we're toying with the idea of turning Dman's bass amp up to 11.

So join us to celebrate the richness of African art, music, dance and food.

Every year Frieda's Boss offers one fan of the Sydney-based reggae outfit the chance to experience a Frieda's Boss moment... or hour...or day.

The first rule of Psyfari is when you see the tanned, near-naked 50something year old man in the fluffy red nappy wearing the Santa hat and nothing else, don’t panic, he’s real.

Yes, at long last Frieda’s Boss heads north to Queensland.

... local fauna brace themselves for the first test of a truly other-worldy sound system. Bo!

Another snippet from "Frieda's Bo!", your monthly reggae e-zine.

Unusual classic reggae sighting , Live and direct ver-shun and the album ver-shun Bo!

An excerpt from the monthly e-zine Frieda's Bo! June edition 11

"Africa, jazz, staring blankly at walls, being harassed by Train... weighty line-up at the upcoming Reggae Sessions at the Lansdowne Hotel on Friday 28 June. "

Watch this space for tour news, new releases and downbeat mayhem.

Frieda’s Boss originals, Marley classics, Buju Banton remixes, dancehall tributes it’s all here (here meaning there… at the Square… Friday, April 19 Bo!)

The FB crew served up a heady mix of Bob Marley anthems and old favourites from General degree as well as pre loved originals...Keep an eye on


Train tells us that Pacino’s ongoing love affair with many and varied guitar settings notwithstanding, (we) had a tonne of fun adapting the rhythm track to Buju Banton’s “Bobby Reds” and singing a version of “Untold Stories” over the top.

Early days yet but two Frieda's Boss songs ("No Such Thing" and "Easy to Say") made it through to the semis of the International Songwriting Competition. "Easy to Say" has just been announced as one of the finalists in a field of 20,000 songs submitted. Former Australian Idol Wes Carr is in there as well but if it comes down to facial hair and capacity to consume dismembered ruminants (as it should), we think Train's got him covered. Bo!

Y’ know, from certain angles, in just the right light you’d swear Scarface had miraculously survived...

Getting into the spirit of Bob Marley Birthday celebrations around the world, Frieda's Boss rhythm magician Mick celebrates his own birthday on Jan 16th,

However, Frieda’s Boss discovered that there’s nothing drummer extraordinaire, Yani Socratous of Alotta Presha fame, can’t do.

... and so with 2012 drawing to a close, we here at Frieda’s Boss wanted to wish you all a safe and prosperous new year as well as casting a furtive glance over our collective shoulders to recall, in bullet points, this year’s highlights

Once again, some of the lads from Frieda’s Boss will descend upon the café like hungry musicians on huge platters of beautiful Greek food, wine and coffee with waffle chasers on Saturday, 22 December

Having snared the coveted 5.12am spot at the Sunsplash, the intrepid band from America manfully held an unsteady course from a timing perspective before settling into a wonderful groove. But watch for the fatigued and possibly stoned horn section

I laughed so hard that lesser man may have found themselves embarrassed at the lack of fortitude shown by their bladder.  Mirth quickly turned to a morose sense of bewilderment. Was it something I said?... or didn’t say?


Another Sunday session at Castle Hill

Frieda’s Boss ventured out to the Hillside Hotel in the Sydney suburb of Castle Hill. Inching closer and closer to the outer edge of Australia’s largest metropolis, the intrepid downbeat pilgrims knew not what to expect except that lazy, late
spring Sunday afternoons and reggae go together like long drives into the
wilderness and the creeping suspicion that you may never be allowed to return
to the city.

As is often the case when Frieda’s Boss bring to bear the full force of their imposing rhythm section and newly acquired horn line-up, they’ve been asked to return and will again unleash a range of original songs as well as classics from Bob Marley, Ub40, Toots and the Maytals, no Lucky Dube… yet and a sprinkling of Shabba and General Degree on Sunday, 16 December (see gig guide at


FB fans, we’ve lost a great mate, a brilliant musician and someone that not only accepted but embraced Dman’s nonsense. Rules are rules, but it hurts.

Check out Hoon Solo’s seminal work on "The Underhill Account", “Bastards” and “i i i” in particular. Get your very own CD and booklet here or on itunes.

A number of Sydney’s finest guitarists were extended a Frieda’s Boss invitation to audition for the lead guitar spot replacing Hoon in the line-up featuring Dman, Train, Mick, Stanwah, Vstylee and new member AB (saxophone) for the final shows of 2012.

Newest FB member, AB, boasts a 52” bass saxophone.

Film actor and director Ben Affleck shares our love ofthe 1985 film Fletch

...asked what he thought of fellow countryman and worldwide phenomenon Shai’s song “Gangnam Style” replying, “that’s not a song”. Boom. The end!

"This is a band with an airtight lock on the groove..."

"...reminiscent of the classic reggae tunes that would have come out of Studio One"

Authentic and accessible at the same time, Frieda's Boss leaves the audience wanting more... likely to send demands for a proper full-length album through the roof.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

Based in Mount Vernon, New York, Jason Randall Smith is a contributing writer for Impose Magazine.

 “I I I (I No Longer Care)” and “All Night ‘Til Daylight” both acknowledge Toots & the Maytals’ reggae/ska aesthetic and do so with infectious results.

"The toasting one hears on this album is right on the dubwise/dancehall border, which in that sense, inspires comparisons to Yellowman and Eek-A-Mouse..."

... this is a consistently enjoyable listen.

Alex Henderson is a Philadelphia-based journalist, entertainment critic, and technical writer whose work has appeared in Billboard, Spin, Pulse!, HITS, JazzTimes, CD Review, and many other national publications

The production run for FB's latest release, "The Underhill Account", is done and it looks and sounds great.  Remember, the launch date is still a short way off - November 24, watch this space for previews and upcoming radio spots. Bo!

The Frieda's Boss crew are big fans of the Big Apple, so much so that certain members have travelled there to take in the sights and sounds in times past.  Stanwah, captain  of the horn section visits the jazz clubs, buses into Harlem and agitates, ill-advisedly, on the local blacktop.  He reports back to the rest of FB, that New Yorkers are a garrulous and diverse people full of life and verve.  Former FB lead guitarist, Francisco "Cisco" Ferreiro, left the group last year to take up a place in Berklee school of Music in Boston and since moved to NY.  Others that are fans of Frieda's Boss are who are either NY natives, visitors or expats are likewise in our thoughts and we hope and pray that you are unharmed and stay safe and well.

Frieda's Boss

As we are just around the corner from the southern summer’s “saccharine” season where local cineplexes are bombarded by rom-coms, we here at CHO! feel it’s time to review the top 5 love songs about “yearning”. Get the Kleenex out (sniff).

- Dman laments his Dutch-Indonesian heritage purely on the grounds of difficulties managing his “Asian” hair.

- Stanwah narrowly avoided being arrested leaving Zimbabwe because of a “currency issue” by fleeing authorities on foot.

Known only as “Mick” as in “Stig” from Top Gear, our new drummer has impressed all and sundry with his endless array of grace notes, drop-outs, rolls, flagrant timbale abuse, accents and stealth cymbal attacks during his guest appearances throughout 2011.

Frieda’s Boss , the cruisey-weight champions of live reggae have emerged from the studio with their new release “The Underhill Account” due out in time for Christmas 2013.

Agreed, it is a test of one’s resolve to start the party on a Thursday and go hard til almost 2am. However, you’re only cool once so you may as well embrace the horror of a Friday at work with a meagre 3 hours of sleep under your belt...

...street-side reggae versions ranging from cool and laid back to raucous and“shouty”. During the month of September, patrons get double the fun.

Preproduction work on “The Underhill Account”, the Frieda’s Boss follow-up ep to the 2011 release “…and you are?” is all but complete....

Two lucky Frieda’s Boss fans will win a half day experience at the tail end of the
process: the final listening sessions in the control room before mastering
followed by a heavy meal with Frieda’s Boss and a group photo to be included in
the ep package as well as an autographed copy of “The Underhill Account”.

... chilli, maple syrup and soy sauce etc… The “etc” being a foreboding harbinger of harrowing “lav” sessions to come: this meal begun life as a rich and fiery lunch but when the Coruba rum punch (a sordid ménage a trois featuring a splash of Bacardi 151, Coruba and aerated pineapple juice) was introduced as a mandatory accoutrement it was obvious that a move to the breakfast category was looming large. This is probably not ideal for a weekday breakfast if there are important meetings to attend.

(Ed. Interesting point: technically it’s not acoustic reggae as everything is plugged in and amplified. The voices, guitars, bass and keyboard is all run through amps and a PA. How is that acoustic? Really, it’s false advertising. Stop it!)

They kind of just look at you hissing between clenched woofers, “we’re gonna hurtcha!”Awesome!”

the Andy Warhol’s of the east coast reggae scene, "Alotta Presha” have twice unfurled another masterpiece during the Reggae Sessions.

“Superman” is every bit as discombobulating as the Captain Ahab version of No “Such Dub/ No Such Thing”

This month, CHO considers the acting ability of American thespians playing angry Jamaican characters in feature films. Again, CHO is the natural habitat and breeding ground of baseless assertions so brace yourself.

Check out the new depository of all things reggae sessions related on facebook. Here you'll read about upcoming sessions, check out pictures, see youtube stuff

Once a month (give or take) on a Saturday night as the evening crowds in downtown Newtown start getting peckish, the staff at Cafe Newtown brace themselves for an influx of customers and a triple dose of Frieda's Boss: acoustic style.


Dman, Train and Tamlin T. Kirk (replacing the itinerant Cisco) sing for their supper, serving up three courses of street-side reggae, poor boy ska and dub. The Frieda's Bo! crew captured a few snaps and sound bytes from the trio between sets to give you a taste of life in the chilled lane during a typical gig at the Cafe

London calling! From 10pm aest (12pm gmt) this Saturday, you can hear Frieda's Boss on .

During the show you can vote for us here
bo! Bo!! BO!!!
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If you like your reggae, ska and dub heavily spiced with mind-bending innovation and riotous musicianship that is just off the chain, you could do a lot worse than forking out to see the All Stars live.

Tonight, New York-based dub ambassors will be holding court on the main stage of the Factory theatre.

Having already mixed it with some top acts, including Katchafire, King Cannons, Saritah, King Tide, and currently recording an eagerly awaited EP, Alotta Presha are a force not to be ignored.

Ignore all that because that's what the guys themselves have said.  You, dear reader, need to hear the truth from a more objective source: us!

“Mi darlin’, love. You are mi ev’ryt’in. Mi fresh vegetable mi fruit…”   When played lived, "Good Eno" features a lot of crowd interaction as we accelerate from a funky one drop circa 95bpm to well past 130bpm during a frenzied ska dance segue that leaves the audience, rhythm section and guitar players absolutely f-f-fatigued!...This is without doubt the most physically demanding song I, we, have played.


Inevitably charges are laid and that's when you realise that you should have kept that lawyer on retainer."Sometimes there's nothing more to see, than an innocent me behaving innocently"

Track 1 Before you walk away

...I wanted to play out the scenario that may well have taken place had I stayed on the path I was headed down as a youth with ambitions to "run tings" coupled with a typical boyhood penchant for guns and old testament justice.

The Baby Train

Frieda's Boss begun life as a 3 piece with rhythm section featuring Dman on bass and backing vocals, Maximus on drums and Freight Train on Keyboards and lead vocals.

...(in) A town where Train could and did lay claim to being a full time musician and in so doing kept the rigorous regimen that came to be accepted among this rare breed: up at the crack of noon, do stuff, play music, hit the hay, repeat...alot.

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