Frieda's Boss

Reggae outfit Frieda's Boss flaunts illegal Kingston bass lines, live and direct. Bo!

Frieda’s Boss, a popular reggae, ska, dub outfit have endeared themselves to lovers of the lively rhythms of Jamaica’s dancehall scene, drum ‘n’ bass and ska. Showcasing the most popular reggae releases featuring Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Damien Marley, UB40, Jacob Miller, FB have also produced a host of wicked, original rhythm tracks and dub plates.

Music should be felt, not just heard and the reggae juggernaut, Frieda’s Boss, driven by a dangerous rhythm section brings back that skankin’ feeling with ragga, roots, ska and dub-ub-ub-ub-ub.

Having won over audiences at venues like the Shore Club, ‘Townie’ Hotel in Newtown, the historic Lansdowne in Broadway, Clovelly Hotel and host of festivals, Frieda’s Boss is committed to bringing reggae good times, live and direct, to the people. Bo!

"The Underhill Account" is Frieda's Boss' second release and industry insiders have already given it two thumbs up.  Frieda’s Boss produced their debut EP “…and you are?” , in 2010 and both are available on and itunes.

Meet Frieda’s Boss:
Dman: Bass, guitars, backing vocals, piss-taking, representing the Netherlands

Mick: Drums, cowbell, more cowbell, stealth timbale assaults, representing Australia
Train: Lead vocals, keyboards, songwriting, stirring the pot, representing Jamaica
Pacino: Many guitars, intense, no oscars, stylish, representing Colombia/Lebanon
Vstylee: Vocals, stunning footwear, she’s famous, representing Australia/ Russia
Stanwah: Trumpets, frequent flyer miles, snide remarks, representing Germany
A.B.: tenor sax, 52" bass sax, questions? No? Moving on, representing Australia



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